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Welcome our dear friend!
We are so pleased having You on our website.
Let us introduce overselves briefly.
Szymon and Milena Szczepanscy, young marriage, being almost 10 years together.

3,5 years ago we came to London in search of new challenges, to see and learn new things
The day after we received our bachelor's diploma we flew away to London.
Originally, the plan was to stay in England for a year, change the environment and come back to get the master's degree.
The point is proven - that you never know what's gonna happen with you future.
We have decided to stay here and make the most of it.

In an enormous nutshell, that's how The Sausage company came into being.

Continuation of the story under the movie.



It won't hurt to develop our story in a bit more detailed way.

The sausage company was established in July 2015 from the previous company Hedgehog Dumplings which was established in 2014.

Hedgehog Dumplings was our first ever business- we used to sell naturally colourful dumplings/ Polish pierogi. The variety of fillings were quite impressive, we made both vegetarian and meaty, and to make it even more interesting the sweet ones! We put ours back into it. After 8 months of trying and improving our little business- the outcome was, to put in in a nice way, unsatisfactory. Even though, the dumplings were absolutely yummy- (we had absolutely amazing feedback from many pleased customers) they just didn't turn out to be smash hit.
But, we never give up, never give in!

That's why we have decided to add something to our menu,a product which will be more popular and known by general public. There we go- sausage! Our train of thought was simple- the presence of the sausages attract more people, pierogi become a secondary product,however, a perfect addition to the sausage. That's how it went- we hit home!

From the very beginning, we knew that we don't want to offer people some ordinary sausage. It must have been something special, unique. We don't want to do things in a slapdash way.

Either you give it your all or just give it a miss.

Firstly, we were buying good quality sausages in Polish warehouse in London. We were quite happy with the outcome,but again we wanted to make this sausage special- and we had to come up with something different. And we did. Okay, let's be honest, not we -Szymek's father- who has 25 years of experience in meat industry. He said ' I will create the sausage recipe which will capture everyone's heart'. So did he. That's his 'little' masterpiece:)

With time the sales went up- and we physically weren't able to make all of the pierogi options any more. Trust me- making pierogi is really time-consuming activity!;) That is why we've decided to stick to one flavour- the most important one- the white cheese &potato.

On a final note, we are aware that the sand of time are running out- that's why we go all out. Every day is about little changes, small improvements in order to satisfy as many customers as it is possible. Our life revolves around The Sausage- it's our little kid- and we are planning to bring it up wisely and tastily.;-)
We are planning to never stop spreading the great taste of sausage and perfect service that come with it!

Cross Your fingers for us, my dear friend!


That's how we do it at Greenwich Market

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